Only fully validated cloud-based 3D interactive

real time simulator

Visual simulation representation of Normal heart, heart with patient’s condition and treatment options


Epicardio Simulation™


Aorta Medical Inc

 Aorta Medical Inc,  Leading the industry of Innovative Cardiac learning.  

Bringing cutting-edge  Educational simulation software to your clinical team.   

We bring you the  worlds leading tool for Cardiac learning - 


Epicardio Simulation™

Master the complexity of the human heart

Epicardio simulation experience - walks you through the complex cardiac anatomy,  allowing you to isolate anatomical structures, review interaction amongst critical systems, create pharmacological effects on a heart, create wave forms, experience, interact with, change action potential, defibrillate, place and manipulate pacing wires, just to mention the basics.  


 Epicardio is a self guided, intuitive, Interactive, and real- time, immediate feedback for the modern student.  Data analytics are provided for the modern professor. 

This new generation of clinicians are computer savvy, gamers, have Google for every answer, and who want to use their interactive, AI, and other E-Skills to advanced their Cardiac knowledge  at an accelerated pace.   

This cutting edge software is easily customizable to your institution, has a feedback loop that includes student log in information, testing, and reporting capability in order for your instructors to follow and assist your students in the learning process. 


Epicardio simulation software  allows you and your students to  "Master the Complexity of the Human Heart "  reliable systematic approach through building your knowledge of the Human Heart.

One leading physician's reaction was - " this will replace several textbooks and change the way we learn" 

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