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Aorta Medical Inc


Cardiac Simulation - The Pulse of your Practice

At Aorta Medical Inc, we’re proud to be the US and Canadian resellers of Epicardio Simulation software -  leading the field of Cardiac Simulation.

Through our innovative approach  - "Mastering the complexity of the human heart"  is easy!

 Epicardio software learning modules, use a familiar -   advanced gaming platform  -allowing you to easily create, follow and understand cardiology. 

This format goes beyond textbooks - bringing learning to life!  Immersing your students into and innovative and interactive learning experience while creating a true simulation of the heart;  - whether it is A fib, a Bundle Branch Block or sinus tachycardia  - as an example -  you have the ability to understand  the simulated action.  This allows you to speed decisions and reduce inaccuracies when seconds count!  By using Epicardio's platform for learning - you can train, engage, and convert more client opportunities.  With Epicardio's instantly interactive technology one can quickly understand, visually recognize, interact with, and create a specific pathology or effect on the simulated heart.  


This is a powerful tool in showing how your products - instantly - interact with your patients heart -  on a whole new level.  As a medical device company, Pharma,  or creator of a new innovative therapeutic procedure - Epicardio and Aorta medical can assist you in getting your idea to its target market!  

   This is extremely important in todays online, Google for answers and instantly recognized solutions available to everyone.  

 Todays professors need to be able to keep up with an accelerated pace of on-line learning in Academia.  Epicardio gives you this cutting edge approach.   


Todays Medical Schools need to be able to teach more information, faster and at the pace of the socially connected and Millennial Learning pace -  viewing vast amounts of information is routine, making better clinical decisions - is expected.


This requires simulated testing,  analytic feedback, vast amounts of data, and visual interaction. The AORN calls it Learn - See- Do - Demonstrate!  

 If you are a Medical School - Epicardio can be customized to your program with institutional logos, specific professor syllabus,  student and professorial feedback, data analytics and more. 

If you are a Hospital or Surgery Center - Epicardio can educate your patients on their clinical condition, understand and see their treatment options, in real time. By offering them patient preferences and options they can easily understand.  

 As a   Medical Device Company - you can show a physician, Ins Company, Patient, or regulatory agency - real time, simulation of simulated patient outcomes.


As a Pharma Company - looking to sell that next billion dollar miracle - you can show the true therapeutic effect your formulation has on the heart.  Physicians and others can see a realtime - simulation of the therapeutic affect!   

Imagine - seeing a video of a normal heart - your patients specific pathology - and the procedure or therapy to restore that heart - right in front of your eyes.

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