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 Aorta Medical Inc is the US RESELLER of Epicardio Simulation Software!   We assist you in selecting what type of customization best meets your needs.   

Our Software is being used by leading universities including Oxford University Medical School, Liverpool University Medical School, Liverpool University Vet School, Leeds University Medical School, Middlesex University Health Science School, Surry University Health Science School, Hohenheim University, and Eurolatriki.    Barts Heart Centre and Cleveland Clinic Florida are also part of the Epicardio the innovators using Epicardio for their team. 

Device manufacturers Abbott, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic use Epicardio for their customer facing educational teams.  

Have your leading edge innovation team contact us at aorta.epicardio@gmail.com or call us at  804-364-9846.

Epicardio Simulation™ - Sick Sinus Syndrome
Epicardio Simulation™ - Ventricular Fibrillation
Epicardio Simulation™ - Cardiac EP
Epicardio Simulation™ - BiVentricular Pacing
Epicardio Simulation™ - Multi Point Pacing

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