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Extremely Effective ECG Training

“We are very excited to be able to bring Epicardio, this unique e-learning tool, to our customers. It will be a real added value. The fact that most pathologies are integrated allows the customers an extremely effective ECG reading training.” 

Dominik Doppler, VP Marketing and Sales of Schiller AG



Real Revelation!

“Epicardio was a real revelation! Had I had access to this type of training, I am sure that I would have been safer, more competent and confident.”

Lisa Hadfield-Law, Surgical Educationalist, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Value for Any Cardiology Training Program

•“Epicardio has proven a valuable educational resource for our physiology department over the past 3 years. Simulation is an extremely important adjunct in training. Epicardio offers integration of cardiac anatomy and electrical activity in real-time interactive simulation, meaning physiologists at all stages of their training can piece together ECG and electrogram recognition with normal cardiac function as well as pathologies. I believe Epicardio would form a valuable part of any cardiology department’s training program.”

         Alex Cambridge, Chief Cardiac Physiologist, Bart's Heart Centre


         Extremely Valuable Learning/Teaching Tool

•“I find the Epicardio simulator to be an extremely valuable learning/teaching tool. I have utilized it many times when facilitating sessions with both experienced clinicians and those new to the cardiac space. Vassilios Hurmusiadis and team have created a highly realistic simulation which provides one the ability to leverage technology to enhance educational outcomes. It’s been fantastic to work with Epicardio Ltd to develop a customized solution for Boston Scientific EDUCARE offerings.”

          Adam Jensen, Training Specialist at Boston Scientific

Epicardio Changes Cardiac Education

The Epicardio Heart Simulator app represents a revolution in digital Cardiac Simulation by combining 3d graphics, realistic simulation, ECG visualizations, educational tools, and ease of use! By creating a realistic visual presentation of the heart with everything from AFib to Supraventricular Tachycardias, learners will be better placed to experience ECG simulation in real time.”

Lance Baily, HealthySimulation.com



ECG Practical

“The ECG practical with Epicardio went really well. Overall I and the other colleagues that helped running the tutorial are very satisfied.”

Prof Manuela Zaccolo, Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics, University of Oxford



Invaluable Tool

“If, like me, your learning speed is increased by doing, as oppose to just reading or seeing, then you’ll find this tool invaluable. To be able to safely induce life-threatening ventricular rhythm is, understandably, an uncommon occurrence, so a method to facilitate this, is always going to be welcome for students. In Epicardio, however, you get so much more than that. It’s also incredibly simple to get the hang of, too.” 

The Student Physiologist, thephysiologist.org


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